Factions are one of the largest type of mod for Glest, but also the most expansive and elaborative. Factions are the "team" of units and upgrades that a player controls. For example, Magic is a faction, part of the Magitech Techtree. All factions must belong to a techtree, which defines the resources and attack/armour types that factions can use (and are shared among factions in that techtree).

List of FactionsEdit

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Engine DifferencesEdit

Factions vary the most per engine, as that's where most changes take place. GAE has the most extra features for techtrees, since it offers new gameplay elements such as guarding, emanations, etc, whereas MegaGlest has unit particle systems (which are also available in GAE). Due to this, mods made specifically for GAE or MegaGlest will not work on regular Glest. Similarly, GAE mods do not work on MegaGlest, however, GAE currently supports all MegaGlest mod features. (The only exception is if a MG mod is using JPEG textures, as GAE does not currently support them.)

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