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Desolator Tank
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Resource Cost

Quantum Energy: 20


25 - Beta (Heavy)



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The mighty Desolator Tank is the ultimate show of force that the Crincillin military fields. Only called for when an invasion is stopped by extreme resistance, a handful can destroy a large, sprawling base in mere minutes.


The Desolator is the Crincillin's strongest unit available. Its mass driver is designed to shatter dense objects such as the strengthened armor of tanks and structures with ease; although it's too slow to be effective against faster targets such as infantry. This tank is also given enhanced armor, which gives it a long operations life in the most hostile battlefields. In addition to it's amazing strength, the Desolator can divert some energy away from its propulsion systems and mass driver to pull its parts together, forming a near indestructable block that is designed to breach the most entrenched enemy. But with such great power comes great downsides. The Desolator requires vast amounts of Quantum Energy to operate, and is one of the first to go in the case of a blackout. It is also far too heavy to hover over water, making it a land-only vehicle. It is totally defenseless against aircraft, so it will need escort by either Shrikes or Paladins. Lastly, its large shape gives it trouble when trying to fit into tight areas.


This tank was specially designed by the Crincillin military to deal with the conquering of neighboring empires. They outfitted it with the most advanced weapon and defense systems that they could invent, including a mass driver and reinforced structural shields. It proved extremely important in battles with other highly advanced species because of its near indestructability. Thoughout the galaxy the Desolator became an avatar of the Crincillin Empire's wrath, and many other empires gave themselves up without a fight so that these tanks would not be deployed.

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