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Dawn of Retribution




Resource Cost

Crystal: 2500 Metal: 4500 Carbon: 3000 Quantum Energy: 50


20 - Omega (Structure)



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The Dawn of Retribution is the Crincillin's Superweapon. When fired, it sends out a high-intensity laser that heavily slows all units around when it lands.


The Dawn of Retribution can only be fielded by the most experienced Crincillin commanders, for fear that such prized technology could be lost and reverse engineered. Ultimately, this means that all available techs must be brought down from the Armada before a DoR can be built. When built, it has a charge time of approximately 4 minutes before it can be used, so it must be defended while it is preparing itself. Although, what the DoR can do to an enemy base is worth the long wait. A direct blast from the DoR's laser will slow anything in it's impact radius by 90% for 8 long seconds. This leaves units and defenses near-helplessly awaiting a Crincillin army to finish them off!

NOTE: The DoR requires 50 Quantum Energy to function correctly, so be prepared before hand to accept such an Energy consuming burden.


Long ago, long before they had a massive galactic empire, the Crincillin were slaves to a much larger race known as the Mus'pll. The Mus'pll had conquered the then-fledgeling Crincillin with a swift invasion that lasted only a month. Soon, the Crincillin were forced into hard slave labor creating weapons for their conquerors. But in secret, they were stealing parts and supplies to create a weapon which could defeat their captors. After a decade of assembling this structure, it was finished, and the Crincillin figured that an attack on the Mus'pll Command Center would be the first step in fighting them off the planet.

Then, one day, the newly-formed Dawn of Retribution was fired, and all of the Mus'pll forces in a 3-mile radius of the Command Center were helplessly immobilized as the Crincillin slaves moved in and captured the area. When all Mus'pll were around were either captured or killed, the Crincillin used the captured Command Center to find other Centers, and slowly the slaves retook their planet. But they didn't stop there, they commandeered the Mus'pll spacecraft and hunted them out. They began hopping from planet to planet, eradicating the Mus'pll species, and eventually captured their great empire. This was the beginning of the Crincillin Empire, and from there all it did was grow.

With the advent of Phase technology, the DoR was redesigned to use phase space as it's means of operation. Instead of using EMP as it's predecessor had, The DoR sends its victims partially into phase space, messing with their temporal existance. This tampering causes them to be slowed down to a near stop! The only reason that the Crincillin Commanders don't completely send their enemies into Limbo is because doing so would cause a time-space paradox that could shatter the universe.