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The Crincillin Remnant is a faction in the Constellus techtree. They are a race of lightly tinted, somewhat translucent, humanoid beings with red, piercing eyes that have captured a good portion of the charted galaxy. They attribute this success to their supremely advanced technology that allows them to quickly subjugate any species with ease. The pinnacle of their technology is the "Possession Engine" which allows Crincillin vehicle pilots to merge their minds and bodies to their machines. This allows for greater control of the vehicle.

The Crincillin units are easily distinguished by their unique architecture scheme - smooth curves that end in jagged points that seem to float in midair. This is to represent their versatility and strength in battle. All Crincillin units have an alternate form that they can quickly and freely morph into and out of - this provides great versatility in battle. Also worth noting, none of the Crincillin units require any resources except for energy. This is because they are being warped in from the Armada, not built on site. Ironically, their buildings are rather expensive both because they are not warped in, and because the resources on the planet must be refined extensively so the valuable ores and carbon can be used for building.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]


  • Units are designed to be powerful and versatile.
  • All units have an alternate form that they can freely morph in and out of.
  • Most upgrades enhance the survivability of the units through HP and armor enhancements.
  • The damage-output of their base defenses are second to none.
  • They can keep manufacturing units long after the map has been mined of resources.
  • Most units are amphibious, they are able to hover right over the water. The only exception to this is the Desolator Tank, it is too heavy to cross water.
  • They have virtually no resource limit, you can harvest resources to your heart's content and never fill up your storage.


  • The Quantum Reactors are relatively fragile and are required for all buildings and units. A deficit of Quantum Energy will slowly kill all units and buildings.
  • Units take time to warp in.
  • They suffer early game, being only able to build defenses.
  • Buildings are rather expensive and are fragile.
  • They are more likely to run out of resources than the Phorin.
  • Their base defenses have long reload times, so they can be easily overwhelmed.
  • No long-range artillery.
  • Lacking good stealth units, making surprise attacks difficult.

Crincillin Units[]

Unit Description
Invasion Preparation Vehicle Standard harvesting and construction vehicle. Can quickly morph into a lightly armed/medium armored defense turret for a cheap last-ditch-attempt to save the base. Is amphibious.
Enforcer Basic melee unit that has a bonus against other infantry units. Can morph into the Specter, a super fast, cloaked spy plane for reconnaissance missions that also functions as the faction's stealth detector unit. Is amphibious.
Raiden Crincillin standard, anti-surface ranged unit. Can take to the skies, losing it's ability to attack ground units, but gains superb anti-air qualities as a fast jet fighter called the Shrike. Is amphibious.
Paladin Dedicated anti-air unit that can disintegrate aircraft like no one's business. Can give up fighting aircraft and aim for those unfortunate enough to be below by morphing into an anti-unit Crusader bomber. Is amphibious.
Herald The Herald is essentially a mobile version of the Sniper Tower, able to instantly kill any infantry in one shot. Can turn into the Vindicator, which is a slow, cloaked, "mine" that can disintegrate whatever is directly beneath it. Is amphibious.
Accuser The Accuser is a Crincillin support infantry. Its Phase Disruptor weapon can slow down enemy targets, making them easier to kill. It can turn into the Asylum, which is a stationary structure that can passively buff nearby allied troops.
Desolator Tank

Very sturdy main battle tank. Excels at destroying heavy units and buildings. Is able to pull it's parts together for added defense, at the cost of speed and attack strength.

Envoy Even the Crincillin are not above trading, so they invented the Envoy specifically for that task. It's able to trade goods, which gives the Crincillin great resource bonuses. If an aerial transport is needed right away, the Envoy can transform into the Courier flying transport, able to carry a few units across gaps and obstacles. Not in the beta.

Crincillin Buildings[]

Building Description
Orbital Command Main building of the Crincillin, produces IPV's.
Quantum Reactor Provides the Crincillin forces with Quantum Energy, powering the vehicles that they use in battle. Produces 30 energy and stores 40, some storage in case of blackouts.
Portal Basic building for warping in units. Can produce the Enforcer, Raiden, and Paladin. Can upgrade into the Gateway after research.
Analysis Engine Provides researchable techs to boost the Crincillin armies. These include enhancements such as armor and EP bonuses, as well as the units' alternate forms.
Gateway Morph form for the Portal. Produces the same units as the Portal, but at an accelerated rate. Also grants access to the Desolator Tank.
Defense Tower Standard base defense for Crincillin bases. Built as a turret base, and is able to freely change it's guns to either anti-infantry rounds, anti-tank mass driver shells, or anti-aircraft missiles. It's often able to kill enemies in one or two shots and has great range, but has a poor reload time.
Assimilator The Crincillin's main trading building, able to create Envoy caravans for trade. It's also able to passively convert any one resource into another resource at a very slow rate. NOT IN THE BETA.
Dawn of Retribution Crincillin's super weapon, capable of stunning a large number of enemy units.

Strategic Tech[]

Reverse Internal Generator Polarity: By reversing the polarity of the internal shields of the Crincillin structures, they can use Quantum Energy as an alternate power source. This gives the structures a really nice defensive boost, but the required amount of Quantum Energy needed to support them increases by 10. Note: Due to the amount of strain that this puts on the generators, polarity can only be reversed once - so be careful.

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