The Glest Wiki

Glest's controls are simple and some are inherited from similar controls in other real time strategy games.


Key Function
F Toggle Camera Mode (Game Mode and Free mode)
W Move Camera Up (Only on Free Camera Mode)
S Move Camera Down (Only on Free Camera Mode)
A Move Camera Left (Only on Free Camera Mode)
D Move Camera Right (Only on Free Camera Mode)
Up Arrow or Mouse on Top Move Camera Forward
Down Arrow or Mouse on Bottom Move Camera Backward
Left Arrow or Mouse on Left Move Camera Left
Right Arrow or Mouse on Right Move Camera Right

Orders and Unit Selection[]

Key Function
Left Mouse Button Select or deselect Units
Shift + Left Mouse Button Add unit to selection
Control + Left Mouse Button Remove unit from selection
Left Mouse Double Click Select nearby units of this type
Right Mouse Button Auto Order
Menu Click Activate Order
Left mouse when order is Activated Give Order
Right mouse when order is Activated Cancel state
Number Recall group
Control + Number Assign group
A Activate attack command for selection
M Activate move command for selection
S Issue stop command to selection
I Select next idle harvester
B Select next building
D Select next damaged unit
T Select next storage unit
R Select next producer unit

Other Keys[]

Key Function
C Switch display color
- /+ Adjust game speed
P Pause game
E Dave screen to TGA file
Alt+Enter Toggle fullscreen/windowed (linux/SDL versions only)

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