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Commands are specific abilities that units have which the player can instruct them to do. This includes abilities such as move or attack. Commands use linked skills to define the parameters for the command, such as the movement speed or attack strength.

Types of commands

  • attack
  • move
  • stop
  • attack_stopped
  • produce
  • morph
  • upgrade
  • generate (GAE only)
  • guard (GAE only)
  • patrol (GAE only)
  • cast-spell (GAE only)
  • teleport (GAE only)
  • build-self (GAE only)
  • load (GAE only)
  • unload (GAE only)



  • An attack_stopped command will allow the unit to turn if the unit has a move skill, but if there is no move skill, the attack_stopped unit will not rotate while attacking, such as for buildings.

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