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Baton Soldier
Baton Soldier.png

1500 (3)

Resource Cost

150 Gold, 25 Metal, 50 Wood, 1 Food


50 (Infantry)



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The Baton Soldier is a melee unit in the Apocalyptic Dawn techtree's UNATF faction. Being the only true melee unit, it has the shortest attack range, but plenty of defense and HP to make up for that. It is stronger than most regular infantry units of similar cost, and works well in swarms and with cover from other units. The Baton Soldier sports an electrified baton capable of momentarily stunning the foe.


There is three main ways to use the Baton Soldier. One way is to ignore their offensive abilities and use them as a tank to draw fire away from your other units. Another is to send them in large amounts so as to prevent them from being downed before they reach the foe. The last is to either use a decoy tank, such as the APC or a similar unit to draw fire away. The advantage of using an APC is that you can use it to bring the Baton Soldiers right up to the opponents, then unload them before using the APC to draw fire away from them.


The Baton Soldier is produced from the Recruitment Station after the Ops Facility has been constructed.

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