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450 (5)


3000 (30)

Resource Cost

150 gold, 2 energy


15 (leather)



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The Archmage is a powerful magic user who's main advantage is the strength and splash effect of their attacks. They are capable of attacking both land and air, though the latter requires the use of a more powerful secondary attack. Despite buildings generally having high resistance to the energy-type of attacks that the Archmage uses, the splash attack, which causes it to hit large units multiple times, makes it equally effective against them. Thus, the Archmage is one of Magic's most powerful — yet most vulnerable — units.


The Archmage requires that the Archmage Tower and Library have been built, so as a result, it requires nearly every building to have been constructed. This makes the Archmage a late-game unit, but one that can cause devastation if rushed from early on. It also needs a large number of resources, however, since it — like many of Magic's units — are created from morphing. In total, it needs 75 gold and 1 energy from the Initiate, another 75 gold and 1 energy from the Battlemage, and 150 gold and 2 energy for the Archmage. Because the energy is refunded, this brings the total cost to 300 gold and 2 energy, making them a risky and expensive unit.


The Archmage has 2 attacks. Its main attack is Ice Nova, which deals 190 - 370 damage (pre-armor) at 9 range with a splash effect of 3. Its secondary attack is Static Fire, which deals 650 - 750 damage (pre-armor) at 8 range with a splash effect of 4, and can attack both land and air units. These two attacks makes the Archmage extremely deadly, but very fragile, due to its low HP. The attacks also use a lot of EP, 300 and 1000 respectively, making running out of EP during an extended attack very likely for an Archmage.


There's a lot of ways to use Archmages, some of the most common being:

  • Mixed Destroyers: Mixing the Archmages with other long range units to wreck havoc amongst the foe.
  • Suicide Bomb: Sending a large group of just Archmages, sometimes using their stronger secondary attack, to attack the foes as a group. The secondary attack can kill each other just as likely as the foes, but can make a major dent in any military.

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